Do you say SPINE or BACK?

Is there a difference? What? The answer probably is determined by the person and if they’ve accepted their body or are they detached from it.

For me and the reason why I’m doing this blog, I have a detached relationship with my spine. It’s almost like I treat it as a separate piece that is not on my body.

Whereas a BACK, for me, is more personal. A back is part of our anatomy that offers aupppet and strength for our body.

That’s why I’ve entitled this blog, I’M NOT MY SPINE. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it yet. I’ve had 4 neck surgeries and 3 back surgeries.  I’m fused C3-C7 and T12-S3. That in itself is one persons journey of life style change physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thursday, April 6, 2017 I find out what we are going to do about C7-T1 and T-2 thru L2. 2 broken screws at L2, etc…

Do you know what my concern is? Not will I be able to function. No, can I be the active Grandma that I dream to be.? My kids are now having babies. I fear what this picture will look like.

Every disc in thoracic is bone on bone, bone spurs, slipped, stenosis, etc… Today I flip from positive to negative expectations.

It’s faith and not expectations that will carry me through this journey. I also hope some of you will join me on this journey. I’ve learned it’s much easier to not go alone on this world.

So, this is where I am today. 8:35pm, April 3, 2017. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!






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